the purpose of this blog


Why would you start a blog?
Is there a good time to start? There can’t be. There can’t be a good time to start thinking as hard as you can about something, and then showing what that looks like. It is always dangerous because you will be at least temporarily exiled from the people that you know. These familiars are strange now because their valence has changed. Now they have something that you want. 

Before you only pointed at what they were likely to also see. You saw a sign, and so did they. Now you are signaling in strange ways. You can see it on their face. They don’t see it, and now there is doubt between you. And you’ve already tried your best. That was your output, and now you are waiting on them to look at you with recognition in their eyes.

So you should start now. Never put off alienation, because it will come eventually.  We are estranged by almost everything because we do not consciously connect our unconscious mind with the unconscious world. We do not let that unconscious everything that is outside of us reconfigure our mind in its perfect image.

I say you and we to mean I, but don’t put it that way.

We mistake the consciousness for what is sacred and encompassing. If it exists at all, it is a spectator.

So I am writing to complete a circle. To watch myself write, to put back into the unconscious world what my unconscious mind observed, and to allow my unconscious mind to see what happens to the faces of a few readers when they unconsciously react. Gratefully, I can be conscious of some of this, superficially. And I can reflect on it.


I’m here to write about books mostly. Some of my favorite authors are

  • Verlyn Klinkenborg
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Mike Rother
  • Philip Roth
  • Gregory Orr
  • Cal Newport
  • Anders Ericsson
  • Wayne C. Booth
  • Chip and Dan Heath
  • David Allen
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • David Shields
  • Daniel Dennett
  • Steven Pinker
  • Philip Zimbardo
  • Pëma Chödrön
  • James Wood
  • Anthony Gottlieb
  • Alberto Manguel
  • Karen Martin
  • W Edwards Deming
  • George Saunders

and I want to write about them so that I can better understand what they are saying.